What’s Next in Your Story?

First, let’s celebrate your decision to follow Jesus in your story!  This begins the next chapter of your life!  Your story isn’t over because of Jesus!

Second, you are invited to connect with others whose stories are not over. Together, we will learn how to walk with Jesus in this new chapter of our lives.

      What:    “What’s Next” Gathering 

      Where:  Free Grace Church, 2134 Rt 209, Millersburg, PA

      When:   Every Sunday, 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM (Room 1)

If you live outside the local area, let us help you connect with a Gathering in your area by providing your contact information below.

Or, if you would like to discuss your “What’s Next” story with someone privately, also complete the form. One of our caring “What’s Next” friends will contact you shortly. We will arrange a good time to meet with you to  help you learn more about walking with Jesus, and to pray with you.


What's Next

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